Prestigious School of Performing Arts in Alicante

The Cinétika Studio School of Performing Arts was founded in 2014 and offers training in the disciplines of acting, musical theatre, on-camera acting, singing, film directing and editing.

Official qualifications at European level

It is one of the first schools in Spain to offer the possibility of obtaining a performing arts qualification approved at a European level in various specialities.

Cinétika is an official examination centre for RSL Performing Arts Qualifications (PAA) from beginners (premiere) to the most advanced level (grade 8).

The qualifications are included in the Bologna Treaty of the European Union and integrated in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). All RSL certificates have the corresponding EQF level associated with them.

Grades 6, 7 and 8 award UCAS points which facilitate access to British universities.

At Cinétika you can also prepare for the entrance exams to the Higher Schools of Dramatic Art in Spain (Murcia, Valencia and Madrid). 

Teatro Musical paa

Film and theatre training

Both directing and editing students as well as acting and musical theatre students have the opportunity to do real training through the film and theatre internship projects offered by Cinétika. Start showing your talent and build your CV with Cinétika.

Más de 100 premios internacionales...

The teachers and students of the Cinétika school have won awards for their projects as directing and acting internships. Cuentan con más de 200 selecciones en festivales internacionales de cine y han obtenido más de 100 galardones en los cinco continentes. If you are looking for a drama school in Alicante, this is the school for you.