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Do you want to work as a film extras?

Any person can work as a stand-in, no matter your age, race or physical characteristics. 

You do not need previous experience. 

If you have availability register in our database of extras by uploading a headshot and a full body photo and we will call you as soon as we receive requests for extras with your profile.

Only if you live in Alicante, Murcia, Valencia or Albacete as these are shootings in the Levante area.

Are you a professional and want to work in audiovisual productions in Alicante?

If you have training and work experience in professions required in an audiovisual production join our job board for professionals.

We are looking for profiles from pre-production (carpenters, painters, electricians, tailors, costume designers, etc), through production (camera operators, production assistants, sound technicians, lighting technicians, etc), to post-production (video editors, VFX, sound editors, etc).


Are you a professional actor/actress looking for an agent in Alicante?

Email us your resume, videobook and photos to info@cinetikamedia.com and we will evaluate your inclusion in our representation portfolio.

Our portfolio will remain open only until the end of the year. 

Now you have the opportunity to have your representative closer to you.

Write to us and tell us why you would like us to represent you.