Hotel accommodation
Reservation and contracting of lodging close to the filming area

Accommodation management

We have first-hand knowledge of all the hotels in the area near the City of Light studios and we have collaboration agreements with the best accommodations for your film crew.

We adjust to your budget and find the right hotel for you. Just tell us what services you need and we do all the booking and accommodation management.

Solo reservamos en hoteles de 3 estrellas o superior, o bien en hostales, alojamientos de turismo rural o apartamentos de análoga calidad, cumpliendo con los convenios colectivos de aplicación del sector.

3 stars or higher

We comply with the regulations applicable in Spain for the accommodation of technical and artistic personnel of a production.

Nearby area

We accommodate your crew in the area closest to the filming locations.


We manage bookings according to your service needs. Only in quality accommodation.

*** Elche
**** ECO
**** ECO